Q: I just received a “Notice of IV-D Status.” What does “IV-D Status” mean?

A: A Notice of IV-D Status is typically issued/filed when the “custodial parent” receives some sort of assistance from the state’s Child Support Services office. Such assistance could range from public assistance “welfare” programs to other non-public assistance services such as locating parents, establishing paternity, collecting and distributing child support, or enforcing child support orders. The term “IV-D” comes from Title IV, Section D, of the Social Security Act, which established the Child Support Enforcement program back in 1975. In all cases where public assistance is being provided to children who are not living with one or both of their parents, you should anticipate an IV-D case will be opened and/or a notice to be filed in your existing child support case. Similarly, if Child Support Services gets involved in helping you or the other parent to collect child support, you might see one of these notices filed in your case.