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Civil Litigation

Collection actions


We reduce invoices and unpaid debts to judgments. We provide assistance to our clients in collecting money owed to them due to delinquent invoices, delinquent accounts, unpaid promissory notes, judgments, etc. The biggest obstacle for us in helping our clients is the client’s own delay. This legal process should be begun as soon as possible. Every month you delay significantly impacts your ability to collect the judgment. This point cannot be over-emphasized.


Increasingly, debts are being sold by creditors in mass amounts to “debt buyers”. Debt buyers generally purchase defaulted bulk consumer obligations for pennies on the dollar and then file a large volume of lawsuits on the purported debts, claiming to be an assignee of the debts. These companies hope for a windfall return, preying on unrepresented consumers or those who do not show up and allow a default judgment to be entered. Collecting on a debt is not an easy process, especially for a debt buyer. The law requires the plaintiff to show that it owns the consumer’s specific account. Even if the collector can overcome that hurdle, it must prove that the sum it seeks to collect not only is permissible under the written agreement with the creditor, but also correct in amount. It is not wise for a consumer to represent himself or herself in such cases. The debt collector has a lawyer, and so should you.

Property Law / Oil and Gas


If you own minerals in the state of Kansas and want to verify what you own, please give S.C. Titus a call. We have researched records in over fifty Kansas counties for land owners, large oil companies, independent operators, and probate attorneys. We can track down a recorded document, a series of leases, or have full title opinion run on a specific tract of land from first patent to present day. We have a plethora of experience in resolving a plethora of title and inheritance issues.


If you are about to sign a lease with an operator, let S.C. Titus review it for you. Our attorneys have decades of experience as an oil and gas landmen and have appeared as attorneys in front of the Kansas Corporation Commission. We have seen hundreds of different types of leases. For a flat fee, we will review the instrument and advise you on clauses that you must have in the agreement, and those that must come out.



We have represented consumers that had various failure to disclose issues against car dealership ranging from lemon sales, salvage title, yo-yo sales, “bait and switch” sales, negligent misrepresentation, odometer fraud, common law fraud, and general negligence claims. If you suspect that a vehicle that you recently purchased may fit into one of these areas, please contact us today.