Car Title History

The various titles and other documents evidencing a car’s history are often key to discovering exactly how a car’s history differs from that represented by the dealer. The detailed title history is often more revealing than the summary title history described in the prior section. Not only is there no substitute for obtaining copies of the actual records to determine if there have been alterations, forgeries, information left blank, and other problems, but the actual records will show the names and addresses of prior owners. These records are also likely to be admissible in court, while a summary title report will not be.

Summary reports also will only reliably indicate transfers to a purchaser for use, and may not indicate transfers from one dealer to another, from an insurance company to a body shop, or from a body shop to a dealer. These transfers may only be reflected on the title’s reassignment blocks or on a separate reassignment form, and do not necessarily result in issuance of a new title.

Experienced car fraud attorneys invariably use detailed title searches as an essential part of their case and begin the title search as soon as possible. Detailed title histories often take weeks, if not months. Even if a particular state’s registry of motor vehicles is speedy, the title search may indicate that the car has been titled in other states whose registries must also be contacted.

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