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Child custody and support issues are among the most difficult legal problems a person might have to face in a lifetime. Not only is it personal and emotional, but the legal system can be extremely difficult to navigate on your own.

You shouldn’t have to spend $3,000 up front to protect you and your children in a custody dispute. Most people simply cannot afford that. Access to legal representation shouldn’t be reserved for the top 1%. So we go a different direction. We don’t require a large up front retainer to get started on your child custody case.

Shepard Connors & Titus provides both full scope and limited scope representation in family law cases of all types throughout Kansas and Missouri.

Whether you are just gathering information or are needing to talk to and hire an attorney as soon as possible, the best “next-step” you can take is to find a licensed attorney willing to talk to you about the problems you are facing and the questions you might have. At Shepard Connors & Titus, our initial consultations are always free - especially in Family Law cases. Fill out the form below or give us a call at any of the numbers below to talk to a licensed attorney today.

After filling out the form, or before giving us a call, please don’t hesitate to take a look around at the rest of our website using the links above.


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