Family Law


Some divorces are simple and agreed.  Others are highly-contested.  Some involve no children or property.  Others involve many children and multi-million dollar estates.  S.C. Titus has experience with divorce cases, including the above, and those involving military spouses, a mixture of separate and community property, complex financial issues, custom possession and access schedules, and spousal maintenance.


"Child custody" in often is a blanket term meant to encompass the following: conservatorship (who makes what decisions regarding the child), possession and access (who sees the child and when), child support, and a number of other important items.  We handle all forms of cases from new custody suits to modifications of previous orders to interstate proceedings involving the UCCJEA to enforcement involving denial of possession and access and unpaid child support.


Every child deserves a loving and lasting home. Unfortunately, not every biological parent is capable of providing this. Kansas and Missouri law allows certain people, including stepparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, to adopt children into caring families. Often, this is with the consent of the biological parents. Sometimes, it involves seeking to terminate a parent's legal relationship with a child. Whether contested or not, we have years of experience handling all forms of Kansas and Missouri adoptions.