Mission Statement


"It is our firm's mission to provide high quality legal services, and to keep pace with and to anticipate the needs of those existing and potential business and individual clients we serve in Kansas and Missouri, in a manner that adheres to the highest standards of excellence and integrity, in a timely manner, at fees that our clients are willing and able to pay and that are fair to our firm."

The firm's partners went on a retreat where this mission statement was adopted. After much discussion, the partners' objectives, incorporated into this statement included:

  • Delivering high quality legal services to businesses and individual clients;

  • Adhering to the highest standards of excellence and integrity;

  • Performing legal work in a timely manner;

  • Charging fees that were appropriate for the clients being served, and that were fair to the firm, while offering more flexible payment options than industry standards; and

  • Always treat clients, the opposing party, and opposing counsel with the utmost respect. Remember that intensely personal legal issues tend to bring out raw emotions in everyone. Respectful treatment of everyone goes a long way to settling disputes.